About us

Welcome to replica-bag shop, we are leather trading company in Guangzhou, we are mainly engaged in first-line replicated luxury bags, watches, shoes, belts and other products! We have over 10 years of experience in production and operation in this industry, to provide perfect replicated luxury for high-end customers!

This is a special industry, it is necessary to accumulate reputation from customers and obtain repurchasing, therefore, we have a very good grip in products! Each customers receiving out products will be very satisfied! This is also what we have being pursuing constantly! We believe that after receiving our products, you will have faith in our quality and give constant attention to our products!

If you contact us for the first, we suggest you to contact us via WeChat, to understand our quality and more information you demand!

Contact us

You can add us by downloading WeChat, WeChat ID:N88B77  or contact use via email

Mode of transport

After receiving your order, we will handle it within 48 hours and mail it to you through DHL express! In case of the domestic customers, the product could be mailed via SF Express.

How to purchase

After the product is chosen by you ,please send the product picture to our WeChat or email to obtain the price, we will get back to you as soon as possible!

How to pay

After the order is confirmed by you, the domestic customer could finish the payment via WeChat or Alipay, at that time, we will send our account information to you, the foreign customers could make the remittance via paypal or Western Union!